Business Strategist and Creative Director of MatzForm

Business Strategist and Creative Director of MatzForm

2015 – 2018

_ branding strategy
_ business strategy
_ product development


_ operation strategy update
_ sales & marketing materials update
_ website contents update
_ curation and execution of exhibitons
_ global business development consultation /

__Story of MatzForm

MatzForm is one man’s dream becomes real. For over 30 years, master cabinetmaker Soren Matz has been dedicated to quality in furniture. He has made furniture for the rich and influential across four continents, but what he dreamed of was to bring finely designed and superbly manufactured furniture to the world. With MatzForm, that dream has finally been realized.
After spending 18 years in Japan making fine cabinetry, Soren moved to China to establish his own label- a line of elegant, quality furnishings made to the highest standards of quality, manufactured under license in China to the strictest of environmental considerations. He succeeded.
MatzForm brings fine design, heirloom quality and eco-awareness together.

founder of MatzForm__ Soren Matz