Lilt__ an interactive furniture brand with magic_ 互动家饰品牌

alter labs brand partner_ Lilt by PEGA Design & Engineering


About Lilt__ an interactive furniture brand with magic_

In 2016, a group of designers from the technology industry gathered and established Lilt in Taiwan. It is their belief that simple and intuitive interactions are the keys to a brilliant and enjoyable design. With their skillful experience, they brought their knowledge of technology into the designing industry. Since then, they redefined how we view and interact with daily objects. Our living space becomes more interesting, warm and free.








Product__ ColorUp

ColorUp is a lamp which can mimic colors of any physical objects or surface_

ColorUp’s main material is silicone; its elastic property makes it perfect for creating a squeezable light bulb. By using the color frequencies detecting and transforming technique, you will be able to get million frequencies of colors and beam it through the light bulb.

吸色灯_ 唤醒颜色的意义

生活周遭的物件对每个人来说, 都有著不同的意义。但随着时间,那些原本有意义的物件逐渐被遗忘了,当中的色彩也是。ColorUp的出现,唤起使用者对这些色彩的记忆,并开始搜寻身边存在的颜色。

如同滴管可以汲水的意象,ColorUp使用硅胶为主要材质,保留其特有的弹性与韧度。将底部轻触物件后,轻轻挤压即可吸取颜色; 透过简单的传感器与色彩转换技术,ColorUp可呈现出上百种颜色的灯光,做为情境灯源再适合也不过!



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