MatzForm_ a Danish cabinetmaker’s dream becomes real_ 北欧原创家具

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__Story of MatzForm

MatzForm is one man’s dream becomes real. For over 30 years, master cabinetmaker Soren Matz has been dedicated to quality in furniture. He has made furniture for the rich and influential across four continents, but what he dreamed of was to bring finely designed and superbly manufactured furniture to the world. With MatzForm, that dream has finally been realized.
After spending 18 years in Japan making fine cabinetry, Soren moved to China to establish his own label- a line of elegant, quality furnishings made to the highest standards of quality, manufactured under license in China to the strictest of environmental considerations. He succeeded.
MatzForm brings fine design, heirloom quality and eco-awareness together.

__Who is Soren Matz

Soren Matz is a creative enigma and source of boundless energy. Cabinetmaker, designer, archivist, innovator and polyglot, he can only be defined by his works and his passion for perfection. Born and trained as a cabinetmaker in Denmark, Soren spent almost two decades in Japan studying Japanese design and aesthetics, and striving to bring it into harmony with the Danish Modern ethos of his earlier training. After finding that balance, he moved to Shanghai to create his own line of furniture that is simple, elegant and impeccably built- and unusually for fine furniture- affordable.

__Why MatzForm

MatzForm is simplicity and quality. It is the embodiment of furniture that you will always treasure, and always use. MatzForm does not make intellectually interesting design conceits built to impress for one show, or one season. MatzForm furniture is timeless, durable, and eminently functional. There are no fashionable pieces in the MatzForm catalogue, because fashion changes every year. Each item manufactured by MatzForm is a licensed design chosen because it transcends fashion with the timelessly elegant confluence of form and function.

MatzForm诞生于来自丹麦的细木手工艺大师Soren Matz马书文的独特设计理念。拥有 18年在日本从事家具设计行业工作的经验,马书文先生在2005年来到中国上海,创立了一个全新的有特别授权的再度生产经典斯堪的纳维亚设计师家具作品的公司。




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