URBANCRAFT is a contemporary design brand founded by Ximi Li. URBANCRAFT seeks to discover and integrate unique cultural elements of different regions around the world into its works.

URBANCRAFT是由设计师李希米主理,意在寻找世界范围 内不同地域独特文化元素,并以URBANCRAFT视角来诠释的 设计品牌。



In China, Dowry is locally called “JIA ZHUANG”. The tradition of parents giving JIAZHUANG to their daughter upon her marriage dates back to ancient time. Tradition fades away, yet love stories happen, from generation to generation, along with JIAZHUANG being a symbol of commitment.

“嫁妆”:在中国传统中,嫁妆代表着父母对女儿未来美好生活的一种 期许,虽然现在嫁妆的形式已经改变,但其中所蕴含的寓意却代代相传, 正如 “嫁妆”系列本身所要传达的.



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