Solid Metal Fountain Pens

The body of the Ystudio – Portable Fountain Pen Brassing is made of copper, the protection case is made of white maple.

Just like Ystudio’s other brassing products, the pen comes with a black finish, which obtains it’s own character over time. The pen writes steady and smooth, the nib is from Schmidt, a high end nip manufacturer from Germany. The pen is refillable and comes in a wooden box. It’s a true eye catcher and a great gift suggestion.

Kohezi is the phonetic way of writing the Dutch word ‘Cohesie’ (cohesion), which means ‘the force that bonds elements’ or ‘connected / united’. We are in love with natural materials. Most of these materials are heavily used in today’s industry, but are often undervalued. We want to change your perspective on these ‘undervalued’ materials. And to do so we are building a collection of connected, amazingly great yet simple designs. By displaying and combining these products we hope to bring back respect and appreciation for these elements, and maybe hopefully stop you from buying cheap plastic alternatives.