Business Consultant of YEN OBJECT

Business Consultant of YEN OBJECT

April 2017 – Present

– business strategy
– business development


YEN OBJECT is founded by DESIGN YXR in 2013.
This is not only a form. This is a thinking philosophy. YEN OBJECT tried to re-think about the object in an oriental way in our daily life.


“YEN OBJECT衍物计划是2013年由台湾DESIGN YXR亦昂创意设计工作室成立。“YEN OBJECT衍物试著从思想出发尝试藉由东方思维概为结构,打破设计上的传统形态和框架表现重新审视生活物件,以物件为本探索及深入东方元素,并将观念思维整合在以形、意、念的设计与艺术中打破双方疆界及框架,重新诠释物件表现的可能性,重新诠释新中式设计。在过去,东方历史并未专注谈论设计一门学问,仅为潜移默化将美学融于艺衔之中。我们取材东方的哲学思考将设计观念延伸为新的美学表现,经过推演与转译重新诠识新中式设计,于2015年米兰国际家具展(Salone del mobile)第一次正式公开发表YEN OBJECT衍物计划作品。

“MATHEMATICS” scissors

Scissors are useful tools in our office or house. iAN Yen & Design YxR tried to review the possibility of development from the aesthetic way instead of going to the extreme function. He rethought about the golden proportion related to the beauty and mathematics. Finally, the scissors “MATHEMATICS” were born with the perfect proportion with useful function and comfortable holding position; it’s a new aesthetic of the stationary.


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