— alter labss COLLECTION — SEASON LOOP is originated from nature          It pares the materials down to the bare essentials and brings out the pure beauty. The sophisticated outline of the Season Loop chair represents its diverse personalities as the seasons change through the year. The gentle curve from the back along the arm is surprisingly appealing, while [...]

Business Strategist and Creative Director of MatzForm

Business Strategist and Creative Director of MatzForm 2015 – 2018 _ branding strategy _ business strategy _ product development works__ _ operation strategy update _ sales & marketing materials update _ website contents update _ curation and execution of exhibitons _ global business development consultation / __Story of MatzForm MatzForm is one man’s […]


CLIENT INDOOR OASIS juice bar _two young ultimate players SITE approx. 40sqm COMPLETION May 2017 DESIGN alter labs x Cohere Design _brand story a juice bar and playground with extreme sports, design and trend_ _live green _exercise more _play cool INDOOR OASIS 1388 Yuyuan Road, Jing’an District_ Shanghai From Monday to Sunday  10:00 _ 20:00